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Our Founding Principle:
Everyone offers a service to someone else.

JobCrank's Purpose:

We provide job listing and bidding services for a wide range of industries. We help employers find the help they need, and our members find work.

What is is a unique job listing and project bidding system which breaks down the traditional walls utilized by other services which distinguish employers from employees. Rather, our service views these relationships in a more real-world scenario: Everyone employs the services of someone else and everyone provides a service to someone else.

But what do we mean by this? Take this example: A company can employ the services of an individual. That company most likely provides a service to other individuals or companies. But the employed individual might be a home owner; they might have a family; or might have a wedding to plan. That individual might hire babysitters, tree trimmers, landscapers, catering services, and so on. In this real world scenario, while the individual is an employee of a company, they are also the employer of other individuals and companies. These relationships continue on, and are why we do not distinguish between the two sides. Using, anyone can offer a service, and anyone can offer a job.

We help form these relationships by providing the tools needed for a member to promote their service, finds jobs requiring their talents, post jobs for work they need, and gain the recommendations of others for their work.

Through our service you can:
  • Find potential clients, service providers, subject experts, and partners who come recommended
  • Be found for business opportunities
  • Search for great jobs
  • Post and distribute job listings for bidding
  • Find high-quality passive candidates
  • Rate and review a candidates work hired for your job
  • Get introduced to other professionals through the people you know is free to join and use. We also offer paid accounts that give you more tools for promoting your services, including private web hosting.
JobCrank, Inc. is located in Daytona Beach, Florida, and is privately funded and owned.