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Mission Statement:

We are in the business of connecting people.

We believe that everyone has a service or a talent to offer, whether it is for employment or simply as a hobby. We strive to provide an innovative, fair, and balanced medium in which any individual can share his or her abilities and talents with the world, and can be found by others who may seek them.

Our Background:

Originally operating solely under the name, the site was developed to allow home improvement contractors to advertise their services and bid on projects in an open and free environment. The web service officially came online on December 1st, 2007, and our member base grew faster than expected within its first few months of existence.

As we continued to customize and add features to the service, we quickly realized that from a global perspective, this service essentially is a profile networking and project bidding system, and could be useful for other industries with similar needs as well – thus the JobCrank was born.

The core purpose of became to provide tools and resources for workers of all industries, which allow them to promote their services to others, show past experience and work portfolios, gain job recommendations, and ultimately to find future work. Companies and individuals who are looking for help can post projects for bidding, contact other members providing a service, compare prices, and then rate and review any work performed.

Going into the future, we are looking to expand the services provided by in many new, unique, and rather exciting ways. We are still in our infancy, but we are continually growing bigger every day. We are proud to have you grow with us, and welcome any feedback that will help make our services easier or more useful for you.