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Frequently Asked Questions:

General Questions:
What is is a job posting and project bidding service specialized for a wide variety of industries. Using, members can advertise their talents or services, host a portfolio of their work, search or get matched with local jobs, post jobs for hire or projects for bidding, and rate and review other members.
What makes different from other job sites? is unique in that we do no divide membership into "employers" and potential "employees". Everyone can list services, and everyone can post jobs. Why do we do this? We feel this better represents real world scenarios.

Take this example: A company can employ the services of an individual. The employed individual might be a home owner; they might have a family; or might have a wedding to plan. That individual might hire babysitters, tree trimmers, landscapers, catering services, and so on. In this real world scenario, while the individual is an employee of a company, they are also the employer of other individuals and companies. This way of looking at things is what makes us unique.

By focusing on service relations between individuals and companies, we are able to accommodate industries that would be difficult for other job hosting services to offer services for. Music groups and bands can market themselves to venues. Babysitters can market their services to local families. And you can look for the next step in your career – all in one place.

This allows us to offer a more complete job hosting solution, and one more usable by a wide variety of people and a wide variety of industries.
What does membership it cost?
Membership is free, which includes all the basic services – job posting, project bidding, profile and portfolio hosting, and our automated job matching service.

In addition to these services, we offer several premium service options, allowing members to bid for placement for their jobs or member profiles within our search results. This option allows our members be ensured that their job or member profile is featured ahead of other competitive listings within their service area and industry.

We do offer a subscription based turn-key web hosting solution, which will convert your profile into a professional looking web site using your own private domain, which includes email accounts, personal website statistics, and allows you to collect your own private job leads.
What do I get as a member?
Where do we start? How about we just list some features available right now:
  • See all the contact information of other members listed on this service.
  • Access to all job/project bidding and management services.
  • Access to rate and review member profiles.
  • Access to create a custom portfolio, which is searchable by all members. You can define your services, your locations, and how far you are willing to travel for work.
  • Optional automatic notification by email of new jobs in your service area that match your profile.
  • Access to our lead management services.
  • Project commenting, and private commenting with a bidding member.
  • Automatic notification about changes to projects being watched or bid on.
  • And many more features to come.
How do I join?
Click on the "New Members" link at the top of the page. Fill out the form, and click "Create a New Account". The web site will verify your email address. Once verified, you have full access. No credit card or payment information is required for creating an account.
I have a suggestion to improve this service!
Great! Leave us some feedback about the idea in the "Suggestion Box" forums. We are always trying to improve the web service and value your comments. Sometimes, what is a useful tool for you is not as obvious to us software developer types. If you would like to see something different – we want to know about it! We are reliant on our users to give this site direction.

Member Profiles:
How do I add my services?
Your profile is searchable by employers in our directory based on two pieces of information: the services you offer, and the areas where you work. Once these two pieces of information are provided, your profile is automatically indexed into our directory for employers to find.

You add this information to your account by editing your profile. Select the My Account menu, and click Edit Profile above. This screen will offer you all the options needed to set up your profile, including adding office locations, and defining services you offer, and even set up a work portfolio if desired.

Once completed, your profile will be indexed and included in our directory for employers to find. You will also begin to receive notices of new projects and jobs which match your profile, and are in your service area.

If you do not immediately see your profile in the directory after making these changes – don’t worry. It can take up to 15 minutes for it to be added. Just check back after that time.
How do I get images or audio added to my service tab on my profile?
Every service can host multiple image galleries or audio albums. These galleries are special and not only get displayed on the Photos or Audio tab like regular image galleries and audio albums, but they also get displayed on the Services table for that service as well. This gives you control to only show the part of your portfolio that is relevant for the given service.

If you have not already created and image gallery or audio album, you can do so by editing your profile, and going to Photo Portfolio or Audio Portfolio respectively. Make sure you set your gallery or album to be publicly displayed.

Once a gallery or album is created, simply edit the desired service you wish to add a gallery or album on to. Using the Photos or Album tab, you can select and associate on or more galleries and/or albums with the given service. It’s that easy!
What are the benefits of linking to another member?
Linking profiles indicate that the two members know each other whether by friendship, a customer/client relationship, are co-workers, or some other relationship. These linked members show as a connection on your profile, and can be used for references, or can even write endorsements for your profile. Linked members are visible in the Connections section of your profile, and help to establish credibility with your services.
How can I delist or suspend my service?
The easiest way to do this is to remove all of the services you offer off of your profile. By doing so, you will no longer be searchable in our service directory.
How do I start receiving notices of new leads automatically?
Once you have defined your services and locations, you will automatically start getting matched to jobs – including ones that already exist in the system. See “How I add my services” above.

Just make sure when you are adding your office addresses, that you specify the distance you are willing to travel for work. The default setting is 30 miles from an office, but the value can be adjusted from 10 miles to 100 miles.

You should also click on check your Account Settings to make sure that “Email me about new notifications on my account” has a check mark by it. If this option is not selected, our service will not send any email notifications.
Why do some accounts always show up highlighted at the top of the search results?
One of our premium service options we offer is the ability to bid for placement within our search results within your industry and region. If no one is bidding in your area, you can bid as low as $0.01 (1 cent) a day, to guarantee you are the first profile a potential employer sees. This service allows you to control where your profile places, and to decide what you think it is worth. Best of all, bidding is not required. If you don’t mind appearing a little later in the search results, you don’t have to bid a thing – its free.

Another premium service is the ability to highlight your profile to stand out. This service is a flat fee of $0.25 (25 Cents) a day.

If you do elect to bid for placement, or to use our listing highlighting feature, you can elect to change or even discontinue these features at any time.

For more information on working with premium services, see our premium service information below.
I don’t want to be notified about project or job changes, what can I do?
The email notifications can be turned off within your Account Settings information page.
How can I track jobs I apply for, bid on, watch, or win?
Clicking on My Account, you will see a menu option called My Jobs. By clicking on that option, you will be taken to a page, which acts as a one-stop view to see all jobs you have been matched to, are apply for, or are bidding one, are watching, have won, and much more!

Our service considers each of these jobs as a lead to your account, and tracks each lead through its entire life cycle. Even when you win a job, you still have more you can do! Our service allows you to track private lead comments, status history, and even set follow up reminders to yourself!
What is the difference between jobs for hire, bid for work, and private leads?
A job for hire is a job where the member is looking to hire someone at a given salary or hourly rate. Some jobs may also be marked as zero pay, for situations such as volunteer positions or general hobby inquiries.

A bid for work is a project where the member is actively looking for bids on a particular job. It is up to the listing member who they award the project too – whether it is based on price, feedback, or otherwise.

A private lead a job that is only owned by one member – no one else can see it but the owner. Users of our web hosting solution can receive leads generated directly off of their private website's contact form, and those leads are owned soley by the member who owns the web site. If the owning member decides they are not interested in the lead, they can either opt to delete it, or release it to the general public site for other members to see.

Jobs and Projects:
How do I post a job?
To add a job, you must first have a member account. Once you have an account, simply select Post a Job off the menu. From their, you can select if this new job is a job for hire, for bidding, or one which is for volunteer (or hobby).
Why does my job expire after a certain number of days?
Jobs which are left unattended within our system are automatically expired to keep our job postings fresh. The good news with this is, you have control over this feature! You can set the day and time your job posting should expire. We currently limit the expiration date to be within 30 days of the current date. If you need to extend the date beyond the 30 day limit, you can log in later date and extend the expiration date at that time. You can keep doing this for as long as you want – but the key is that you must manually do this.
How do I cancel a project?
Select My Account from the menu, and click on My Jobs. Under "Jobs I Have Posted" you can use the drop down list to cancel a specific job.
How do I award a project?
Select My Account from the menu, and click on My Jobs. Under "Jobs I Have Posted" you can use the drop down list to award a specific job, assuming you have bids or applications. If you have have no bids or applications, you can not award it.
Who can bid on or apply to job?
Anyone who is an active member can bid on or apply to any job. It is up to the job's owner to decide who gets awarded the job.
How do I bid on or apply for a job?
When you are viewing a job, simply click "Place a Bid" or "Apply" under "My Options".

Ratings & Reviews:
Who can leave a review or rating about an account?
Any member can rate and review any other member once in any 30 day period. This allows members to comment on their past work.

Also, any member who have posted or were awarded jobs can review other members associated with that project.
How do I rate or review another member?
Go to the member's profile that you want to review. Click on the Reviews tab. Under the member reviews section, click the Add Review button. From here, you can add a general review, or pick a job to associate with the review.
What does a bad review or rating do? What can I do about it?
Initially a review is averaged into your overall rating, but if you have a lot good to great ratings, it won’t hurt as much. Also, the ratings are weighted based on time – so a bad review six months ago will not nearly be as damaging as a bad review entered yesterday.

If you do get a bad review, the best action to take is to write a rebuttal. If you feel the rating is unfair you have every right to say that, and that will be made visible to anyone viewing your reviews.